Other Services

Fetch! Pet Care is proud to offer the following additional services. Contact Us for more information.

Early, Late, Last Minute Surcharge

Starting at $10For visits booked before 8 am or after 8 pm or with less than 24-hour notice.

Holiday Surcharges

Starting at $10Holiday surcharges are customary in the pet care industry, and we want to ensure our staff are fairly compensated for working during these times. Therefore,100% of these charges are paid to our pack members. Additionally, this fee helps us ensure adequate coverage during our busiest times of the year. Our holiday surcharge is $10 for holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, and MLK Day. For major holidays such as Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day, the surcharge varies based on the service booked. Midday services like dog walks and pet visits have a $15 surcharge, while overnight and boarding services have a $50 surcharge.

Key Pickup/Drop Off Fee

Starting at $18To ensure the safety and security of our clients’ homes, we request that they provide a lockbox or keypad for entry. This not only provides our team with maximum flexibility but also ensures the safety of our clients’ keys. While lockboxes are available at most home improvement stores or online, we understand that some apartment or condo buildings may have restrictions on this requirement. In the event that we need to hold onto your key and are required to return it between services, we charge a key pickup/drop off fee for each trip.

Cancellation Policy

We prioritize flexibility in accommodating our clients and their service needs. As such, we kindly request a reasonable cancellation notice. Since we allocate and reserve your service time on our providers’ schedules, we often have to decline other service requests. Please review the following guidelines for cancellations: For Ongoing Dog Walks: A cancellation charge of 100% of the service price will be applied if you cancel within 24 hours of the service start time. For Cat Visits and On-Demand Dog Walks: You must notify our office 72 hours prior to the first visit. If not, the entire service will be fully billable. Due to high demand and limited availability, Boarding & Overnight Services require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of the request. If you need to cancel, we ask for a 14-day notice. Failure to provide this notice will result in a 100% charge for the entire service, including any dog walks and pet visits that were part of the initial booking. Holiday Cancellation Policy: For all pet-sitting reservations, including vacation dog walks, pet visits, and cat services, that fall within holiday periods, we require a 14-day notice of cancellation before the service is scheduled to start. No credits or refunds will be provided for cancellations within this timeframe. For holiday overnight or boarding services, a more extended notice of 3 weeks from the start of the service is required. No credits or refunds will be issued for cancellations made during holiday periods..** **Holiday Periods may vary from year to year but generally include heavy travel weekends and days surrounding major holidays.